Bet The Number

Bet The Number is the premier golf analytics platform for PGA TOUR bettors and DFS players.

1 Dissect the Course

Access the powerful BTN course analysis tool to better understand what leads to success on each course. Dive into each area of the game to see if your favorite player fits the layout.

Course Analysis

2 Crunch the Numbers

Utilize the highly predictive BTN model, or build your own custom model with licensed PGA TOUR data and proprietary BTN statistics to gain your edge against the sportsbooks.

Course Analysis

3 Confirm Your Picks

Leverage the comprehensive BTN player page to finalize your stance on every player.

Course Analysis

4 Bet The Number


  • Recommended "BTN Model" for each event
  • Live betting odds
  • DFS salaries
  • Custom modeling
    • 90+ round level statistics
    • Shot-by-shot strokes gained
    • Shot filtering by lie and variable distance
    • Course filtering by grass type, green size
  • Course analysis
    • Breakdowns for each skill area
    • Proprietary "Bomber's Paradise" rating
    • Past top performers
  • Player analysis
    • Breakdowns for each skill area
    • Tournament performance history

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